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Faery (Fairy) style gowns and wedding dresses

Faery dresses and gowns

Vendetta Couture's designs were recently featured in FAE magazine (www.faemagazine.com, the UK's special magazine about Faeries and enchantment), showing a range of recently created Steampunk Faery range of clothing. We have been creating dresses, gowns and clothing for faeries and the magical amongst us since 2006.

Vendetta Couture creates elegant gowns and wedding dresses for women in the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and further afield.

Our creative collection of dresses and gowns can be custom made for you, your wedding day or any other occasion you want to create a magical feeling wherever you are in the UK or beyond. We can create a bespoke bridal faery gowns just for you and make sure you feel great on your special day.

Faery style dresses and gowns for the UK by Vendetta Couture

What's new

Until 2011 Vendetta Couture was based in the UK (United Kingdom), creating magical and mystical style dresses and gowns and for Faeries all over the UK.

We have now relocated to the enchanted Limousin department in France but we continue to create elegant dresses and gowns with many of our customers still based in the UK.

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Some of our designs

Timeless designs, lovingly handmade by an experienced artisan


Vendetta Couture offers a unique range of medieval style, vintage, renaissance and creative custom made dresses, wedding dresses, gowns and clothing, designed and hand made by an experienced artisan working from her studio and workshop in the Limousin, set in the heart of France.



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