RENAISSANCE DRESSES - Dresses, gowns & wedding dresses in a renaissance style

Renaissance style dresses, wedding dresses, gowns & clothing

Hand made by Vendetta Couture, inspired by history

Vendetta Couture's beautifully styled renaissance dresses and gowns are made in a variety of luscious velvets, detailed taffetas, intricate laces and colourful satins, finished with beautiful braids and trims.

Coming after the medieval period, the renaissance embraced more freedom and expression and developed from the cultural and political expansion that happened first in Italy and then throughout Europe.

Inspired by the renaissance, our clothing utilises many of the styles and clothing features that this interesting historical period helped shape.

Some of our dresses, gowns and clothing are made in a variety of styles that have been drawn directly from the period but can be adapted and developed to make a custom dresses or wedding dresses and gowns just for you.

Please Use the contact link in the main menucontact us with any questions or requests or to discuss any details of your Vendetta Couture designed dress.

A renaissance inspired dress or gown for any occasion

Our range of dresses and gowns inspired by the renaissance could be suitable for your renaissance themed wedding or perhaps to be worn at a medieval fair or festival. We can also provide renaissance inspired bridesmaid's or mother of the bride dresses to complement your wedding gown if required. Please feel free contact Vendetta Couture for further information using our form on our contact page.

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